Hello! I’m Lilla, a data analyst living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I’ve been involved in product development since 2014 including serious games, various web applications and in the recent years, data product development in clinical research.

For years I felt, writing a blog is not my thing, like what new can I add to the Web?

And then a couple of years ago, I found myself in a position where I was just googling every word I heard. I’ve started fresh in the clinical trials industry and first it was extremely overwhelming to understand the jargon, the processes and the expected results. Today, I can’t say I know it all, but I can talk with the customers confidently and I know how to use Google to my advantage.

My blog has a simple purpose: to share this experience and help you, fellow business and data analysts to kick-start the growth into your new roles!

Also, I love plants, yoga and traveling, who doesn’t, right? And do you back up your hobbies with data too? I hope it’s a yes and no. Yes, as you are a fan of dataviz, but no, as you might work with real life data like retail or manufacturing, so my dashboards will bring 5 minutes fun into your days.

How did I start my journey in clinical research? You can read about it here.

Would you like to contact me? Feel free to ping me on any channels listed in the sidebar.