The basic needs of popular plants

I am so happy to write this post. 😊

Back in October I started to work on this data viz to surprise my (still) favorite fb group (Sziasztok Fifék!). At that time I posted another article as I was shocked when I discovered the increasing interest towards plants during the pandemic.

However, my ultimate goal was to create a mini dashboard, where you could select the basic conditions of your future plant such as light, surrounding pets and your confidence :D

I didn’t want to include stock images or Google results about the plants, I wanted something unique. In the group I met with a really talented artist who creates amazing watercolor drawings and happens to be crazy for plants too!

This visualization born from our collaboration with Reka Kovacs (), who did the heavy lifting. Thank you Reka for all your time and enthusiasm, I hope many fellow plant lovers will enjoy our work!

If you’d like to learn more about the plants, I recommend visiting these pages:

If you’d like to see more art from Reka, visit her website:

Watercolor plants by Reka Kovacs